Detoxifying Natural Extract

Eliminates Toxins At The Cellular Level

Composed of all-natural ingredients from fruits, vegetables, and enzymes – all safe and non-toxic


Product Information


Our Unique Molecular Structure Makes The Detoxifying Process Thorough and Quick.


Created By Renowned Biochemist Dr. Harvey Kaufman, Nu-Birth® is The Result of 15+ Years of Scientific Research.


Is Is A Fact Of Modern Life, Our Bodies Are Bombarded by Harmful Chemicals, Toxins, and Heavy Metals in Practically Everything.


Nu-Birth® Has Been Research Proven To Quench Free Radicals, Attract Heavy Metals, Capture Toxic Molecules and Expel Them From The Body.

Scientific Information

Learn more about why you need Nu-Birth® and how it works.

Body Water Mass

Body Water Mass

As we age our body does lower the amount of water mass to our cells and tissues by at least 20 percent. That is why it is important to hydrate with drinking water as much a possible. The use of Nu-Birth® with it’s patent-pending 3 ring system and chelating magnesium...

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Extracellular Water

Extracellular Water

Nu-birth® is composed of 3 ring systems composed of dextrin, dextrose, sugar rings. This is the first diet supplement with this system, plus a chelating magnesium molecule god chelation.The rings are composed of many hydroxyl ring systems, or OH groups. Having this...

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Membrane Transport of Protein

Membrane Transport of Protein

Nu-Birth® is 100 percent soluble in water, it is a small molecule with both a negative and positive end. It can cross the blood-brain barrier easily and help bring extracellular water and thus oxygen to the brain and other organs. Thus it means that Nubirth fulfills...

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What People Are Saying About Nu-Birth®

Having extreme pain from a disastrous, using Bio-Vital Nu-Birth I was able to cut my pain medications down by 50 percent, I have more flex in my joints, I am able to navigate stairs and I’m able to stand and walk for longer periods of time. I am happy to say I am losing weight, and sleeping better. And I have better use of my hands, as they are less stiff.


Cleveland, OH

I have not felt this well in a long time. I have used Bio-Vital Nu-Birth for only 6 weeks.


Memphis, TN

After using Bio-Vital Nu-Birth®, I can sleep better, I’m able to get out of my house more and drive my car, and I have more energy. I seem to have fewer urinary tract infections, and urine analysis has shown a better balance of ph.


Akron, OH

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